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  • TextPipe is the ultimate Webmaster tool for updating text. It handles an unlimited number of files and folders, and is unique in handling files of unlimited size. It performs one or more changes AT THE SAME TIME, and can search for MULTI-LINE text...

    Whats new in version 10.2.7:

    • Mainframe copybook filter now allows pass-thru EBCDIC data ie BINARY data
    • e.g. using PIC X(48) USAGE IS BINARY.
    • Mainframe copybook filter now does not insert a null (\\x00) character after
    • fields in Fixed Width mode.
    • Invalid copybooks now send errors to log when running from command line. New EasyPatterns:
    • [Drive] e.g. C: E: -> returns drive letter in @drive@
    • [Folder] e.g. \\My Documents\\ -> returns \'My Documents\' in @folder@
    • [Path] e.g. d:\\My Documents\\ -> returns \'d:\\My Documents\' in
    • @drive@ and @path@
    • [UNCPath] e.g. \\\\server\\share\\path\\filename -> returns @server@,
    • @share@ and @path
    • [Filename] e.g. testdocument.doc -> returns @filename@
    • Unicode conversion filter did not retain the Error Character if the Input or
    • Output encodings were not changed.
    • Hidden worksheets are now ignored by the Excel to Text filter.
    • Split filter now cleans up its temporar...

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